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OMG I can not believe that jacksepticeye played BusStopBlast!

To celebrate we are planning a more content focused update this week. We have a lot of ideas for where Bus Stop Blast can go.

What would you like to see?

Here are our plans of the future:

- Destruction mode: cause why the hell not

-Night Bus: "Buckle Up, its gonna be a bumpy ride!"

-Cops: "WeehoooWeehoooo"

-More vehicles you can play as: What ones?...... its  a secret

-Upgrades:  Cuz everybody wants to drive an armored bus

-Bus Appearance customization: To look snazy

-More levels :obviously

-More animals: But definitely not to run over...RIGHT

-Other Cars and Pedestrians: dido ^

-Kid Variation: Give em fresh kicks

Watch the video here:  

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